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I am very excited about Deep Learning and AI powered technology! I try to post Weekly Updates about the vast area of Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence as well as miscellaneous interesting news from the AI community

A Closer Look at Machines That Learn

The advancements in Computer Vision with Deep Learning has been constructed and perfected with time, primarily over one particular algorithm — a Convolutional Neural Network ( ConvNets ). Let’s look in more detail at how…

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Madhuri Karkala is a technologist on a mission to spread Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) literacy. Madhuri has over 13 years of extensive experience of leading Microsoft technology projects across Asia Pacific region.

In addition to her professional experience, she is pursuing Post Graduation from a premier business school at a world-class public research university to understand important technique of AI & Machine Learning technology used by multiple industries, applications and research.

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